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Our Electrical and Electronic portfolio covers many specialties, like embedded, industrial automation and instrumentation. Very often they are interrelated, for instance, one embedded product can be integrate in an industrial automation system. Some examples are:

Industrial automation; we designed industrial machines located in the production lines of car makers; we used robots, PLC, motors drivers, power supplies, etc.

Embedded electronic instrumentation, like 4 channel scope, centralized analog measurement system and distributed multipurpose control and acquisition system. Those projects were controlled with an external computer.

Other embedded modules, used for controlling and measuring, like Smart Junction Boxes, the most complex designs in term of quality and robustness.

Nowadays our portfolio is growing day by day, taking advantage of our own technologies like our development platforms for embedded and multimedia purposes, our expertise in operation system and our extensive list of available peripherals.

Fashion Electronic Project

Cisium is an independent electronic engineering and software development start-up.We are exploring already for some time the the functional enhancement of clothes and compliments improving the customer experience revolutionizing the world of clothing.About 8 month ago we started an internal project to demonstrate the potentials and possible application of the next generation clothes looking forwards to partner with the textile industry that wants to be part of this revolution.


Industrial Automation Implemented with a CPLD

CSM-5E0_V2_150xHThe scope of this project is an obsolete industrial machine without manufacturer support. The system automation was implemented with a full custom board, using discrete electronic components in an analog and digital electric nature. The target was to fix the machines, replacing the damaged boards with a new control system.

During the systematic analysis of the machine and solution cases, we decided to reject the utilization of standard PLC due to the reduce space for the location of the components, also we disregard the possibility to make a pure reverse engineering (just copying the PCB) because it was based on obsoletes components with difficult access to market, finally we decided to create a new PCB from scratch using the latest sate of the art technology, but implementing the same behavior than the original board.

6000 Part Numbers Attributes Review

Part Numbers DatabaseIn the scope of the single activities related to electronic hardware engineering support, CISIUM has perform the review of an electronic component data base of more than 6000 part numbers.

The database belongs to one of the biggest companies in the automotive sector. The review, supervise, wrap up in term of electronic attributes and datasheets, have been done closely with the top electronic components specialist of the company and has been reporting the progress to the top management and responsible of the activity.

CISIUM has been congratulated many times for the accuracy of the review, the tight follow up of the activity as well of great suggestions than has been adapted.

Communication Gateway

Communication Gateway

This is a communication gateway that collects information from various devices interface and sends it to a data collector web server for processing and visualization. This specific variant is build to gather information from devices with RS232, but is easy to expand USB and ATA/IDE ports. This module can be used in areas where it is needed to collect data from external peripherals (e.g. measurement equipment, sensor) and to provide it to Ethernet server for further processing. Each device has a unique identifier for identification.

The communication gateway is implemented with 2 circuits, the base board and the daughter board. The daughter board can be modem or Ethernet.

RF Identification System

RF Identification System

This is a customize solution for a mid range RFID. The purpose of this product is to detect and record automatically the attendance of field staff. For example it good be used construction workers in a construction area , home nurses add patient site, or field staff visiting any other customer site.

The system consistent of a control unit mounted in the field and ID units that are worn by the field staff. Each ID unit has a unique Identifier. The system uses a proprietary protocol and registers ID, IN and OUT  timestamp of the field personal and passes the information to the internet to a data collector server for further processing.

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